Finding therapies that reduce COVID symptoms & hospitalizations.

Finding therapies to help reduce COVID symptoms and hospitalizations.

Contribute to discoveries that could help you, your family members, your community, and the world.

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About the study

Our goal is to identify effective, safe, affordable, and evidence-based medications so they can be accessed by the community

Reduce hospitalizations, reduce the burden on hospitals and ICUs, and help people have fewer symptoms and feel better faster

Open to Canadian residents (18+ years of age) who are within the first 5 days of experiencing COVID-19 symptoms

Directly influence standards of care for COVID-19 infection in community settings in Canada and around the world

Supported by $10-million dollars in grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Health Canada

30+ partner organizations engaging diverse populations across Canada to evaluate the clinical- and cost-effectiveness of  medications for COVID-19

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Participate in our study.

Participate in our study

The CanTreatCOVID trial relies on volunteers, often referred to as participants, to help us better understand the effectiveness of  medications for mild to moderate COVID-19. The study is open to Canadians (18+ years of age) who are within the first 5 days of experiencing symptoms. Enrollment coming soon!

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